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DiMax, Inc's Team Members come from a variety of industries, each bringing their own unique experiences and insights to the task of developing high-quality custom software solutions. Our experience shows.

Commitment to Standards

We believe in leveraging web-standards to their fullest, building solutions that are maintainable, extensible, and built upon solid practices. Learn moreLearn more about our commitment to web-standards

Being Part of the Solution

Technology is not a silver bullet. We believe in working with our partners to help them identify where technology can help their business and, perhaps more importantly, where it can not. Learn moreLearn more about our philosophy regarding technology

DiMax, Inc. is a leading developer of custom software solutions. We specialize in developing back office and web based applications using Open Source technologies. LAMP-based applications are our specialty. So whether your application will be developed in PHP, Perl or Ruby we have the specialists you need to make your project a success.

Our partners tend to be aggressive companies wishing to leverage the latest technology to it's fullest in order to gain and/or maintain a competitive advantage over the competition.

Companies turn to us time and again because they trust us to deliver cutting-edge solutions to their complex problems — on time and under budget.

What can we do for you?

Solutions with Vision

Big Ideas

A big idea not acted upon is the same as no idea at all.

Put another way, the primary difference between a company that changes the world and one that fades into the dust of history is not measured by the size, frequency or quality of its ideas, but by its willingness and ability to act upon those ideas.

What ideas can we make reality?